1. Gajanana

It means the one with head of elephant. Lord Ganesh has body of human and face of elephant

2. Bhalchandra

The one who carries moon on his head. Due to this reason lord Ganesha also known as Balchandra in world.

3. Vinayaka

He is the lord of all humans and Ganesh is worshipped first among all the gods & goddess in world.

4. Ganapati

Leader of Ganas (attendants of Lord Shiva). Lord Ganesha leads the all ganas at kailash mountain.

5. Lambodara

The lord with huge belly, carrying whole cosmos (universe) in it. For this reason he known as Lambodraa.

6. Vakratunda

Who has curved trunk: left side curved means prosperity and right side curved means Moksha.

7. Chaturbhuj

Ganesha is the one of the hindu gods with four arms: symbolize a multiplicity of superhuman powers.

8. Vighnaharta

The one who takes away all the problems, obstacles and pain. For this known as Vighnaharta.

9. Siddhi Vinayaka

Ganesh is the lord who brings wisdom and success at your door. Hindus worship before start any work.

10. Ekadanta

Lord Ganesha has only one tusk, symbolizing him as fighter. All statue of Ganesha have one tusk.

11. Sumukha

The one with beautiful face. Lord Ganesha have elephant head on his body which make him more attractive.

Sanskrit Language

There are total 108 names of Lord Ganesha in Sanskrit. Some popular names are described here.

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